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Sarah Digeon. Abstract Artist

  Something old, something new, something found, something faded in the sunlight, passed through hearts and hands, beautifully worn and textured colours. This is what I love about the material of vintage book covers.

  I’ve always enjoyed collecting old treasures, clothes, toys and of course books so I take great satisfaction in my hunt for discarded source materials. Some of my finds dating back as far as the early 1900s.


  My collage making process is completely spontaneous and intuitive. A kind of meditation or flow, piecing together the cut  panels like a puzzle. Placing colours side by side. Visualising a fold or a twist. Displacing colours and shapes often with little control over what the finished composition will be.

  These compositions are bold, abstract and  geometric. Sometimes simply a conversation between colour, form and texture. Other times more playfully creating illusions of three dimensional forms that have been bent, twisted or folded in an exploration of movement and energy.

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